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Every business owner knows that a company’s ethos and office environment are intrinsically linked. The way your team works is a real-time representation of your brand values - and that makes optimising your office for peak performance absolutely essential.

Today we’re taking a look at some creative tactics managers and business owners can take to transform their office environment into a hub of productivity.

Cultivate positivity

Engaging work environments have been linked to a higher level of productivity and, in turn, greater employee retention and revenue growth. With that in mind, taking active steps to boost morale across your team can have a powerful knock-on effect when it comes to the big picture stuff.

If your office needs an attitude upheaval, put positivity at the top of your agenda. By nurturing a sense of optimism in the office through a culture of mutual respect and positive reinforcement, you can give your team the motivation they need to perform at their best as consistently as possible

Put productivity first

Any strategic tweaks you can make to your office environment that place an emphasis on productivity are a step in the right direction - and even seemingly insignificant changes can have sizeable benefits in the long term.

Impersonal and unnatural working environments have a potentially toxic effect on your team - so optimise yours by introducing a range of proven productivity boosters. A study by Dr Chris Knight of Exeter University found that employees were 15% more productive when minimalist workspaces were populated with houseplants. The Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine also found that natural light has a powerful positive influence on the working performance and general wellbeing of employees.

Feel the room

Priming your office for maximum productivity often comes down to a case of comfort rather than control. Under UK employment law, your team are entitled to a comfortable temperature and clean, fresh air while working - and the temperature of your office environment is particularly influential when it comes to employee performance.

A recent survey by Andrews-Sykes found that 80% of office workers complain about the temperature at work - making this a primary concern for managers and business owners in pursuit of peak productivity levels. With so much riding on the temperature of your office, making sure yours is well ventilated and kitted out with a water cooler can mean the difference between running like a well-oiled machine and a productivity meltdown – especially in the warmer summer months.

Facilitate teamwork

At Azendoo, collaboration is the name of the game - and an office layout that’s designed with task management in mind is guaranteed to deliver results.

Organise your office based on regular team collaborations and use these as a logical basis for your layout. Removing any obstacles with the potential to hinder your team’s performance will streamline operations throughout the business, allowing for easy face-to-face communication between colleagues and guaranteeing your employees are as efficient as they are effective.

Live and breathe your brand

Displaying pride in your business’ brand identity is crucial to inspiring employees. Lead by example and instil a sense of trust in the brand through a ‘loud and proud’ approach to your office design. Optimism is contagious and sure to snowball once you make the first move.

Brightening up a workspace with professional, bespoke branding creates cohesion throughout the office, helping your employees to feel like a valuable part of the company and remember the overarching brand values that drive the business as a whole.

By showing empathy for your employees and taking the necessary steps to make their office environment a better place to be, you can reap the benefits of your proactive approach.

About the author:

Peter Stark is a freelance writer who loves writing about all things productivity and motivation. He's always on the lookout for efficiency hacks!

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