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Optimizing the workplace is one of the best things that a company can do to improve the efficiency of its employees and the kind of work that they do. No matter what kind of work that a company is involved in, efficiency is always appreciated in every form.

With the growth of technology and the implementation of new tasks that are more optimized, the ability to perform better at the workplace has become easier than ever. There are numerous tools that people can opt to go in for when trying to find something that would improve the kind of work that they could do.

If you are on the lookout for ways in which you can incorporate this into the work that you do, here are nine ways that you can save time while you are at the office and perform better.

1. Focus on the work that you have to do

While this is something that may seem rather simple, it is not one of the things that we commonly pay attention to while at the workplace. A lot of times, people tend to have wavering thoughts that make them lose focus on the job that is currently at hand.

Because of this, the amount of time that they end up spending in the workplace tends to increase. If you want to get out of the office at the earliest, and want to avoid those tiring late nights, giving your work your full and undivided attention is the only way to go.

2. Be on time

Making the most out of the time that you are required to spend in the office is also a given, but is, unfortunately, something that we don’t commonly pay attention to. Getting into the office a little earlier than usual is also something that can help you complete the tasks that you need to without any interruptions.

Showing up late to work on the other hand definitely has more cons than pros. For one, it puts forward a bad image, which is not ideal in the workplace. Arriving late also means that you don’t get to go home at the designated time, which can sometimes be incredibly frustrating. To make the most out of your hours, keeping up with the proper office timings is a must.

3. Incorporate technology

With the amount of technology that we now have access to, finding things that automate office tasks can save the amount of time that one spends in the workplace. Going in for softwares and programs can not only help you perform the tasks more efficiently but also much more quickly. Things like document management system, office servers, and other programs can assist you, thereby enabling you to get the most out of your day.

Automating some of the work that needs to be done is not only to make your tasks more efficient but can also ensure that you track all of the work that you do. This can help you analyze your efficiency levels and can help you understand the areas in which you need to develop.

4. Don’t forget to de-stress

One reason why people are sometimes unable to cope with the pressures of the workplace is that they don’t know when they need to take a step back and relax. Studies show that taking a short break in between high-performance tasks enables the mind to be more active and more alert, thereby enabling you to perform better.

If you find yourself in a situation wherein the work that you are doing seems too stressful, taking a short break is something that you should try to do. Doing some recreational activities, taking a short walk, or even talking to your coworkers is something that can help you re-calibrate and get back to what you were doing in a much more efficient manner.

5. It’s okay to say no

We have all had those instances in which a coworker tries to pawn off some of their work on us because they are unable to do so. Normally, it would be good to say yes to these coworkers in order to build overall morale and likeability at the workplace. However, there are a few instances in which saying no would actually be better for you as compared to saying yes.

If you already have a lot on your plate, you may have to spend a lot more time and effort just to complete the tasks. Because of the excess work, you could actually become slower and more stressed out, which in turn would reduce your efficiency. Saying no doesn't mean that you aren’t willing to help, it just means that you know what you should prioritize for maximum efficiency.

6. Plan your day ahead

One of the best things that you can do to avoid spending unnecessary hours at the workplace and to save time at the office is planning your day. Spending fifteen minutes when you wake up in the morning is something that can help you save hours during your day.

When you are planning, make a list of all the tasks that you need to complete at the workplace. Through the day, stick to this list and try not to waver from it unless it is absolutely necessary. This simple tip can ensure that you do all that you need to complete during the day and can prevent you from forgetting important tasks that you may need to fulfill while at work.

7. Keep clean and tidy

Something as simple as having a tidy desk can contribute to better productivity in the workplace. For starters, if your desk is tidy, you are more likely to find things when you are in need of them. This small tip can save you valuable time that you would otherwise spend looking for certain items.

Keeping a tidy desk can also work to help you be more productive. If you have a tidy desk, you are more likely to want to work, and less likely to want to slack off during your shift. Investing in a few office supplies that help you keep things in a tidy manner is the best way to go when it comes to this.

8. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Not everyone is going to be the best at the workplace from the get-go. There are always going to be things that one is generally weaker at and needs help with. Sometimes, asking for help at the workplace is the best thing that you can do when trying to manage your time in a better manner.

If there is something that you are unsure of, seeking help from a co-worker can help you figure out the best course of action to take, which in turn can help you save the amount of time that you would otherwise spend on the task. Seeking help from a coworker does not only reduce the time that you would spend doing it yourself but can also improve the quality of the task that you do, especially if the advice is from someone who is familiar with what you are asking for.

9. Set deadlines

One of the best ways to ensure that you always complete your tasks at work is to impose deadlines on yourself. A lot of times, people are given projects to work on that has an extended time limit. They often feel like saving this for the last minute is something that will suffice when trying to complete the task.

If you want to be efficient at the workplace, start your task as soon as you are given the job, and set a deadline at which you should ideally complete the task by. This will help you stay on track with all that you need to do, and can help you be a lot more time efficient.

Guest author : This article is a guest post by Lewis Robinson, a consultant and freelance writer specializing in streamlining business processes with business technology. He is the former founder and CEO of a small software company. You can reach him on his LinkedIn profile

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