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As a Customer Success Manager, managing multiple accounts at the same time is part of my day-to-day duties. And providing effective support and follow up is not possible without the right tools.

Azendoo + Zapier

Zapier connects Azendoo to more than 500 applications such as Stripe, Intercom, Twitter, Youtube… Do you have a few minutes to spare? Here is the complete list.

At the Customer Success department, we use the Zapier integration to trigger activities in specific Subjects in Azendoo. For example, on the end of trial periods, as soon as an active team arrives at the end of their trial on Azendoo, it triggers the following activity in a dedicated Subject:

Oh and this is Byron, our business developer. Hi, Byron!

This is the right time for us to take the baton and see where their team is in terms of usage. If they want to continue, we accompany them through the payment process and explain all of the different options they have, how billing works, etc. In addition, if they do not want to continue, than it is a good opportunity to gather some valuable feedback!

All of the information from the team subscription can then be shared on Azendoo, as a comment of the above activity post, so that the Sales and Customer Success teams stay synchronized.

Another example can be taken from the payment problems. One of the main missions of the Customer Success Master is to limit churn, and particularly, the technical churns caused by payment problems: expired credit card, etc.

In response, Azendoo has the perfect weapon: Stripe zaps!

You guessed the next step; we immediately contact the user to walk them through the process of updating their credit card information.

What if there is still a payment problem? A bug? No reason to panic. We simply create a task from the activity and assign it to one of our developers. This way, our lovely developer already has the necessary information to investigate. Easy peasy.

Other Activities can alert me about brutal drops in activity from our clients, or about removed members in a Workspace, which both help me to target the teams which are slowing down in terms of usage.

Azendoo + Azendoo

I love to pamper my accounts, and I want each of them to have the most personalized experience possible. Azendoo helps tremendously to follow them one-by-one, to take note of information with each exchange, and to follow up in time.

To do so, I create a task for each account, in a dedicated Subject. In each task I can:

  • Add a description with my client’s information
  • Add comments on my follow ups
  • Add collaborators which follow the account with me (for major accounts typically)

Two features allow me to follow an account throughout time, as well as staying synced on our Sales and Customer Success processes.

Task planification

Like me, you must regularly follow specific accounts. Plan the date and time when your task will come up in your Now todo list. As long as it is not in your Now todo list, you don’t have to worry about it, and you can focus on more essential work.

Due dates

Your account has an end of trial period, or a payment renewal date? Add a due date to the task, so you remember to act before that date ;-) You can even program a reminder: You will be notified on the due date or a few days before.


Under each separator are accounts that we follow very closely. There are also other separators below that define our Sales and Customer Support processes in different steps.

Any member of the Subject can consult this list and know where each account stands in the process.

With Mattias, we also take time to write content for our blog, such as best practices to help users adopt our tools and to give support to the new teams :-)

Calendar view

In a dedicated Subject called “Editorial Planning”, Azendoo allows us to have a clear view of our publications, each article being a task with the due date as a publication date.

We also have a dedicated Subject for our FAQ updates, with one task per article. Another Subject dedicated to video tutorials in which we collaborate with the design team, etc. Don’t forget that a Subject can be anything you want: a client, a project, an event, a department, and so on...

And the cherry on the cake? Azendoo enables me to manage my Customer Success process, just as well as it does for the design and development team for everything product-related, and for the marketing team to manage acquisition campaigns, the content team to manage their editorial planning, etc.

We can all collaborate together and, at the same time, work in small groups, all within the same space.

So, what are you waiting for? Give it a try! ;-)

Audrey Labuxiere
Customer Success Manager @Azendoo. You can follow me on Twitter: @AudreyLabuxiere
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