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Piano teacher and Tech addict, Sven explains how he uses Azendoo


Sven is a Piano teacher who created his website Klavier Lernen to give courses to adults. He also created the website Activmusic. He discovered Azendoo via the Handbook: How to be a productive Entrepreneur (available here) and enjoyed it since then!

Hello Sven, tell me about

Basically, I’m a piano teacher in Switzerland. I’m also very fond of new technologies and the Internet. So I started a Piano Lessons Websites where I offer Piano courses for adults only. From real beginners to advanced Players.

What were you looking for when you tried the app?

I was looking for a tool to synchronize people / tasks / calendars all in ONE place. In other words, an efficient Tasks Management which really works with my bunch of freelancers around the world.

How are you using Azendoo?

For now about 6 people are using Azendoo in my team. Every time I have an idea or a small task comes into my mind I just put it into Azendoo. Every morning I just open the application and then prioritize the tasks. I especially like the possibility to share several comments and files on one single task.

Did you have any difficulties getting your team to use the app?

No, most of them felt very comfortable with it after a short time.

What is your favorite feature?

Sharing files and comments on one single task.

Who would you recommend use Azendoo?

Everybody who wants to get really productive with his/her team members :o)

Thank you Sven !

Fred is Azendoo CMO. She focuses her work on Azendoo Users and on finding the best productivity hacks. Besides, she's all about snowboard, couture and books.
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