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Pierre is Customer Relations Manager at La Foir'Fouille, a French chain of super-discount home equipment stores. He is also an Azendoo ambassador. He explained to us how and why he uses Azendoo with his teams on a daily basis.

Upon arriving at the office in the morning, I instinctively do three things: I put the coffee on, I check my emails and I organize my day and the days of my two right-hand men!

Azendoo is really so much more than just a simple To-Do List. It's a comprehensive tool that enables me to follow the entire handling of a given subject.

I use Azendoo in two key ways. First of all, there are the recurrent tasks, which serve as a reminder for my teams to, for example, send an update on a file to such and such a colleague every fortnight. Then there are also the daily tasks, which represent the large majority of our tasks, and it is these that I look at most often. Mostly, these are ongoing files, and really specific projects, so each Azendoo task thus becomes a real space where the task manager and myself can exchange with one another. My role is to provide advice on the management of the file, with help from the comment space à la Facebook that appears on each task, or to launch the task again if the deadline has not been met.

Every day, I can access the ongoing files of my colleagues, along with the estimated deadlines and the progress made the previous day. Thanks to this system, there are no longer any gaps in our internal chain of information. If ever anyone is absent from work, the files can be managed in a completely transparent way, by any of our internal colleagues.

I use Azendoo to collaborate with my assistant in particular. It is an efficient way to quickly send messages back and forth, and to set reminders for a point during my day (or hers). I have a real vision, in real time, of her planning – and she on mine.

I had long been looking for a tool that would allow me to communicate with my teams in a fluid and seamless way, and I am truly satisfied with Azendoo. If we look in a bit more detail, I can tell you that I use the “subjects” in order to meticulously manage the access and consultation rights. A colleague who is not involved in Subject Y for example, will not be “cluttered” with the files related to that subject, and is able to stay focused on his own ongoing assignments. With this function, Azendoo has offered me a way to combine productivity and comfort.

The mobile application is also really practical. Even when I am travelling on work trips, I can get involved in real time on the current files and give my approval on certain points. I can follow the daily activity of my team without being intrusive, and without having to spend the day on the phone with them. Basically, I have been completely satisfied with Azendoo since I started using it over a year ago, and I even recommend it to my fellow managers!

Fred is Azendoo CMO. She focuses her work on Azendoo Users and on finding the best productivity hacks. Besides, she's all about snowboard, couture and books.
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