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Bring together all your collaboration assets in Google Drive, Evernote and Dropbox with Azendoo



Hey Aaron!

What are you working on?

I am a full time music composer. Right now I am writing and producing the music for several videos games, a short film, several musicals, some movie trailers, etc.

How did you hear about Azendoo?

I was talking with a friend of mine about needing a better tool to keep track of all of my projects. I needed a tool that could bring together all my collaboration assets in Google Drive, Evernote and Dropbox. Almost everything I write is stored on these tools and I was searching for an online tool to help me keep track of my deadlines and link the projects to the various places my work was stored. So I did a quick Google search for online task management and found a CNet article that pointed me to several tools that I had tried in the past. But Azendoo stood out to me as a tool that I should try.

So, how do you organize your Workspaces?

I use subjects as my projects. If it is an active project, I open a new subject and link my Evernote, Google Drive and Dropbox folders to that subject. Then I lay out a production schedule and create tasks for that project. I also use separate subjects for “Future Clients” and “Past Clients” with links to our past work to keep track of people who I might work for in the future. For those, I create a recurring task to “check in with….” to remind myself to stay in touch with people.

How has Azendoo changed the way you work?

First, I get a great overview of the specific tasks I should be working on each day and I can look ahead and promote a task as a higher priority or pull one back very easily as a project grows and changes. Also, I don’t spend time searching for my project assets as each one is linked from within the task itself even providing a link that opens up that online folder as needed.

How is this application different?

I was using a simpler task manager before and it was great for simply managing tasks. But Azendoo offers much more in the area of collaboration features and project management, helping me stay on top of my project and where things are stored.

What’s your favorite feature?

My favorite feature is the ability to link all of my online accounts (Evernote, Dropbox & Google Drive)* to tasks and projects in one place.* I also get a great overview shot of all the documents in each project so that I know where everything is, when things are due and how I’m doing in my workflow and schedule.

Who you would recommend Azendoo to?

Anyone who manages multiple projects at the same time and has documents and files spread out across several online platforms would benefit from using Azendoo.

Big “Thanks” to Aaron for taking the time to tell us about how he’s using Azendoo.

Rock On Aaron!


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