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Raul is a creative guy. He is a filmmaker and a creative director, working with churches, nonprofits, and organizations to help them tell their stories. He manages eleven people on a daily basis, leading the Creative Team, where they work like a creative agency. They do print, film, promotional videos, events, graphic, and deal with a lot of deadlines.

Raul defines himself as a very collaborative person and a “note-guy”, always ready to write down ideas and thoughts. He actually discovered Azendoo via Evernote, being a huge Evernote fan. He and his team needed to take back control of their team communication. They were meeting once a week and felt like they were wasting time on what needed to get done, and who should do what, instead of actually getting work done.

Raul works with many different people, and each one of them has specific needs. Before Azendoo, he would use email, text messages and cloud services to collaborate and share documents with his team and “clients”, but information would get lost and follow-up was cumbersome. That’s when Raul realized he needed centralized communication and shared to-do to smooth things out.

So Raul explored his options, and initiated trials for different solutions (Asana, Trello, Basecamp were some of them). What made Raul choose Azendoo was the ability to map out the complex departments, roles, and projects into one organized hub that was simple enough for everyone to use and still enabled confidentiality. Raul encouraged his team to try Azendoo, and they all knew it was the right tool because a majority of the team-members adopted the app right after they identified the true value and benefits Azendoo brings to teams.

In the ramp-up phase, they provided training sessions and everyone got up to speed. Now his team have become heavy users of tasks. They use the delegation system to get things done together, check on prototypes, and validate designs. Raul himself uses task delegation to focus entirely on the creative part of his work. Azendoo allows him to free his mind from his project management duties because all projects and tasks are documented and easily accessible, giving him the confidence that his team knows what they need to do, and feels accountable for getting things done.

"Azendoo helps me focus on my creative work, without worrying whether something was communicated correctly or not during a meeting. I can walk away confidently knowing where we’re headed, and knowing every detail in our projects is accounted for."

Azendoo is now a key part of their workflow, and his “go-to” app for managing deliverables, whilst keeping work fun. It has been a huge help to relieve the stress that goes with accountability issues, and meeting deadlines is now a formality. Raul recommends Azendoo to creative teams with multiple simultaneous projects.

Raul Serpas - Creative Director - Lark Media / River of Life Worship Center

You can find Raul on twitter @raulserpas and see his work on @larkmediatv.

Mattias Le Cren
Product Manager at Azendoo. I enjoy tech, building software, and football.
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