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You may have noticed some of our most recent changes, but you may also be missing out on some others. So to make sure you all get the best out of Azendoo, here is a list of all our new features and most recent updates.

Time Tracking

Time tracking is not only our most important change to Azendoo, it also is an entirely new product. It allows you and your team to track the time you spend on tasks, and to analyze how you spend your time with an elegant dashboard filled with practical insights.

Since the beta started, we've added a timer on your tasks, a team member dashboard, and the possibility to edit the date on time spent entries.

  • The timer can be triggered on each task and displays a timer at the top of the screen. Once you stop the timer, the time spent will be automatically added to the task.
  • The team member dashboard enables you to analyze how a team member spent their time. This dashboard is really useful to see how you spent your own time and to track your efforts.
  • Editable dates on time spent entries allow you and your team members to log in and adjust time entries in the past. So you don't have to log in your time spent every day if you don't want to.

Learn more about how Time Tracking works here >

Cisco Spark Integration

Cisco Spark is a communication platform that focuses on messaging, meeting and calling. The integration with Cisco Spark will enable you to connect a Cisco Spark space with an Azendoo subject in order to:

  • Receive messages about Azendoo task updates in Cisco Spark
  • Create Azendoo tasks from Cisco Spark
  • Receive a daily list of your Azendoo tasks in Cisco Spark

Learn more about the Cisco Spark integration in this dedicated article >

Improved Slack Integration

We just released sleek improvements for our Slack integration. It now works just like the Cisco Spark integration; you can receive updates on your Azendoo task activity in Slack and also create tasks from Slack.

Learn more here ->

Brand New Google Drive Integration

We’ve introduced our renewed Google Drive integration with the possibility to use multiple Google accounts and use the native Drive window to navigate in your drive to select files and folders to share in Azendoo.

Try sharing a Google Doc to see the changes!

Email Digest

Email notifications can now be condensed into a more easily digested email grouping together your latest unread notifications. On top of that you can even choose the time interval between your first unread notification and the email dispatch. We also redesigned our other emails and added instant email notification for Direct Messages.

Go check your email settings ->

Conversation Notifications

A while back we introduced a new notification setting to only notify you of conversations you were involved in, and pretty much left the legacy notification setting as it was. That legacy setting has recently been modified to be more relevant given how the app works now. Turn it on to be notified of all conversations in Azendoo!

Redesigned Search

Search has been drastically improved with a complete redesign and much faster results. You now have the possibility to interact with your search results directly.

Search for your favorite keyword now >

Redesigned Documents Page

The documents page available on each subject and team member profile has been redesigned. It is now much easier to search, filter and sort through your documents, whether these were shared on a task, a conversation or directly uploaded.

Read this article to learn more >

Improved navigation

We also improved the navigation in the app. If you are on a task list, and click to navigate on a subject or workspace on the sidebar you will land on the relevant task list. This also works for the conversation, calendar and documents pages.

Give it a try!

Conversation Follow-up

The option to create a task from a conversation has always been a very useful feature to turn decisions into actions. We've updated it to match our follow-up task capabilities, and make it more pleasant to use overall.

More information available here >

Other changes

We also made a bunch of other smaller changes and fixes, including:

  • Organisations changed names to become Subscriptions
  • We now support file preview
  • We increased the number of subjects displayed in the sidebar from 21+ favorites to 100+ favorites

Did you say GIF?

azendoo giphy integration

Giphy integration is here!

We hope you enjoy those changes, and let us know what you would like to see next in Azendoo in the comments below!

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