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We live in a more and more connected world. Informations are moving faster than ever. Whether it is for our personal or professional lives we need to remember a lot of things every day.

And we all have our own methods to remember all the things we have to do: notebooks, posts its, emails, note taking applications… But remembering everything is not only about noting them down on a piece of paper, it’s also about organizing, prioritizing and sharing those things.

Azendoo is not only a task management application. We also built features to facilitate your teamwork and to help you build a collective brain to remember all the things everyone has to do.

Your Azendoo tasks are the key to your memory, plus we built features around your tasks to make it easier to never forget any piece of work again. Here are 6 of them:

Azendoo Subjects

An Azendoo subject is hosted on a workspace and can be considered as a tag that people can follow. It can be a project, a meeting, a product, a customer or whatever you want. You can share or give tasks, post messages, comments or approvals, share files from your computer, and documents from Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox or Box, thanks to our fully-features integrations.

A Subject allows people to collaborate and choose how involved they want to be. It's a group of people that work together.

The idea behind the Azendoo Subject is to help you organize your work and to make information easily accessible, so anyone in your team stay well informed and can remember everything.

With Azendoo Subjects you stay up to date on any of your project without worrying about forgetting information, everything is stored in one single place.


Email to Task

Managing you email inbox might be one the hardest thing to do. You receive emails for things you have to do right now, for things you need to do later, you also receive information to save for later or that you need to share with your team…

That’s why we decided to develop the feature Email-to-task in Azendoo. Nothing is easier, you receive an email, you forward it to [email protected] (make sure you use the same email address) and it creates automatically a task in your planner with the email enclosed. From now you just need to organize it by tagging a subject and choosing when you’ll work on it (or want to be reminded).

The email to task feature helps you empty your inbox while remembering every info you receive.


Create a Task from a Message

At any time in Azendoo you can create a task from a message to remember anything your coworkers share.

For example, one of your teammates shares an important information that you need to remember, but you don’t have time to work on it right now. Just create a task from this discussion and organize this task in your planner afterwards.

With this feature you won’t miss information and you can save it for later.


Follow a task

To remember everything you also need to follow your teammates’ work to stay informed when they complete their work or when they share new information. Nothing is easier in Azendoo as you can follow your team’s tasks in one clic. Plus, you can discuss within the task to share the right information at the right place.


Access all of your Tasks

To remember everything, you sometimes need to access the tasks that you have completed few days ago or the tasks that you have send to a co-worker. Azendoo task panel lets you access any of those tasks. All of your and your team tasks are organized by type: all, followed, with a due date, finished, sent, sent and finished, assigned to me… You can therefore choose which information you want to access.

With Azendoo Task Panel you won’t forget anything as you can access all of your team tasks in one single place.


Azendoo Reminders

Last but not least, Azendoo reminders feature helps you remember anything. First you need to decide how you are going to be reminded: in the application, by email or/and with push notifications on your mobile application.

Then when you create a task you can set a due date and a reminder (on the same day or days before) so you will get a reminder when the task need to be done.

With Azendoo reminders you won’t need to worry about forgetting due dates anymore.


With Azendoo, you don’t need to make efforts to remember all the thing you and your team have to do. Azendoo works as your external brain, finally giving you the opportunity to really focus on the things you have to do.

Fred is Azendoo CMO. She focuses her work on Azendoo Users and on finding the best productivity hacks. Besides, she's all about snowboard, couture and books.
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