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The Salier family started SalierDruck, a printing company that specializes in digital printing for resellers, companies and private customers, in 2008. There, they specialize in SEO and Online Marketing, which they produce in-house for their online web shops, and they support other companies with training. The third part of the company is SalierShop, selling printing materials for different media.

They produce a high variety of advertising materials, from very cool small stickers to awesome large-format printed ads. They print on different adhesive films, posters and display materials. They print for private customers, resellers and for anything from very small companies to the freaking big ones!

Janine, the Salier daughter, was still in college at the time. She was studying during the day and working at night until 2010, when she graduated and started working full-time for the family business. She is now responsible for production workflows, employee training, and running the printing machines.

They have a large field of clients and work with very different customers in their daily business, who they needed to organize in order to be able to perform well, to keep their business growing, and to keep innovating in their field.

The Salier family was desperately looking for a task management tool. Mr Salier has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years, and has never managed to find a tool that was satisfying enough. That was, until they tried Azendoo.

They’ve adopted the tool really quickly, making the change from Wunderlist. Everyone working on a computer at the company was introduced to Azendoo, and they all quickly understood the intuitive concept of working through tasks.

They finally got organized. Azendoo became their one spot where everybody could create tasks and organize their work. Questions such as: “Where should I put this information?” and “Have you seen the post-it I put on your desk requiring this one customer order?” stopped.

Just two days after Azendoo was implemented, one of the employees came up to Janine and said: “Janine, I think our offices are going to become very quiet.”
And they did: the team finally stopped yelling all this really important information from desk to desk.

Thanks to Azendoo, no one ever forgets to do anything anymore; everything is done on time, and no information gets lost. They are grateful, because it frees time for them to have fun and make jokes during work time. “It is so much more relaxing! And we get a lot of freaking work done during the day. Pure awesomeness!” says Janine.

The team uses Azendoo to organize their marketing actions. They have a workspace called “Marketing Actions” including a subject named “Newsletter”, where they plan all their newsletters. They create a new task and give it a unique name so that they can find their newsletters in chronological order in the archive.

Everybody working on a newsletter is invited to the task, and everybody knows what to do and in which order. So if the texter is done, she assigns the task to the graphic designer doing the art and picture work. After that, the final draft is assigned to the person responsible for putting everything together in their newsletter software. Then, the task goes to the SEO and marketing director who monitors the success at different points in time – 2 days, one week, one month.

They use this workflow when they work through new products; landing pages; product pages; single-page websites; blog posts; social media actions for Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram; as well as the new videos they produce showcasing their work and products to customers.

Janine also uses Azendoo for her private life, to organize the bills that have to be paid periodically, and even for building her house – orders, plans, material she needs, ideas, tasks to do next…

She has two favorite features: the fact that you can organize the tasks so neatly within workspaces and subjects; and the daily hostlist, which she is in loooove with! It took her a while to discipline herself to not have too many daily tasks on the list. Now she is doing pretty well and it is fun to get things done.

She also loves the emojis. She uses these a lot when she communicates with her trainees, who are all pretty young. She finds that, in this way, they are able to better interpret if she really liked their work, or if it was just okay. Precise wording can be quite tough for younger people.

Janine speaks highly of the application to everybody. She even considers herself as an Azendoo missionary, because she loves the product, and recommends it to everyone around her!

Mattias Le Cren
Product Manager at Azendoo. I enjoy tech, building software, and football.
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