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And enter a chance to win a Pfeiffer Laptop Platform from our partner Evernote Market Place.

Starting today, you can share your Azendoo tasks publicly so you can collaborate with the people you choose, ask them for help or simply show them what you're getting done with your team.

How to win

We all have great things to achieve. Tasks that we accomplish alone or in a team. Tasks that we are proud of and that we just love to get done! So now it’s time to share the work that you love with others. We’ve just released the Azendoo Public Task feature to let you share your work with the people you choose. So to thank you for being great Azendoo users, and to celebrate this new awesome feature, we are giving away a Pfeiffer Laptop Platform from our partner Evernote Market Place to one lucky Azendoo user!


To enter the raffle and be in with a chance of winning this beautifully handmade laptop platform, you just need to share your most motivating task across your social networks. Don’t forget to mention @azendoo and to use #myazendootask.

The more likes and retweets that you get, the greater your chance of winning! So show us the very best of the work you have to accomplish!

To share an Azendoo task publicly click on the right arrow in your task card:

We are looking at the inspirational tasks that you share with other people working in the same area as you. Do you work in marketing? Then share a task about your next viral campaign! Are you a journalist? Share your next article task! Are you a web developer? Share your next website project task! Be creative, and show us what YOUR work is all about!

Here is my task about writing this blogpost!

The winner will be announced on November 27th. So, between now and November 26th, you can share as many tasks as you want.

Why Public Tasks?

Working efficiently in a team requires great agility and good communication skills. Besides this, it also needs good team cohesion. Relying on effective tools to manage your team can save you time and effort, so that you can really focus on what you need to get done.
Most of the time working in a team means working with people from your organization, who use the same tools as you do. But that’s not always the case, and sometimes you might need to collaborate with people who use different tools to you. That’s why we decided to integrate cloud storage apps like Dropbox, Box, Evernote and Google Drive. So you can use the app you want, with anyone you choose.

We also know that sometimes you need to share your work with people outside of your team, people that don't use Azendoo (yet ;-)). So we’re working on the best ways to help you work with Azendoo, outside of Azendoo.
And today, this is finally possible! So please give a warm welcome to…the Public Task Card feature.
So you can share an Azendoo Task Card via a web link, email or social media (twitter, linkedin and facebook).

Our goal is to open Azendoo up to non-Azendoo users or to people who are not currently in your workspaces. So you will be able to work with people no matter what tool they are using. We call it Open Massive Collaboration!

Share your work

You know that feeling when checking a task as done? The relief, and that job-well-done feeling that you get? Well, we wanted to go one step further by giving you the opportunity to share that feeling with the people across your networks.
Imagine that you've been working on a hard task for days, weeks even, and you finally complete it. Sharing it with the people you choose via your social media is a great way to spread knowledge and a sense of accomplishment!

Azendoo Public Tasks also let you share your ideas and ask for help on a given task. You know how the old saying goes, “the more the merrier”… so share your work today!

What’s next?

Coming up next, you will soon be able to share your task lists in full (either from a subject or from your planner). So you will be able to create a project template, share smart to-do lists and collaborate better with anyone.
We are also working on a "guest" feature to enable you to invite someone to a specific subject and/or task, without inviting them to the entire workspace.

Collaboration and communication are the future of teamwork, and if organizations succeed in setting up a great communication hub it will contribute to 80% of their overall success. So we’re here to build the tool that will make your success even greater.

Communicate, share your work and build a strong and reliable team with Azendoo.

Fred is Azendoo CMO. She focuses her work on Azendoo Users and on finding the best productivity hacks. Besides, she's all about snowboard, couture and books.
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