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After announcing our big changes one-by-one as promised in our roadmap article, here is a quick review of all the little changes we have made these past few weeks.

Web/desktop apps changes

Subject Index

We entirely changed the Subject Index. It is easier to manage your Subjects as you can sort them by name, membership status, date of creation and number of members.

This feature is also much more functional as it allows you to take actions from within the index, instead of having to go to the relevant Subject's page.

It makes managing your Subjects much moresimple, especially when you are the Workspace Admin. ;)

Top bar search

We have added suggestions to the search in the top bar throughout the application. When you start typing in the search field, a few suggestions will appear to complete your search, as well as results for Subjects, and people matching your text.

Collapsed left menu

You are now able to collapse the left menu for a cleaner interface and improved focus on your work. Hit the big arrow on the top left to collapse the Subject. You will still have quick access to your Activity feed, your Tasks, your Calendar, the Direct Messages, and the Subject index.

All notifications will also appear as red dots either on the Activity feed or on the Direct Messages.

Task card improvements

We have worked on the Task card, and you can now use them to discuss from right within the Activity feed. That means that you can now attach files to comments, add media and even embed the web in your Task comments!

We also made a small change that allows you to see at a glance the last comment left on a Task card. So now when you open your Task card, even if the comment section ma be too far down to be visible, the latests comment will still show up at the bottom of the screen.

New sign-in, sign-up, and invitations

We revamped our sign-in, sign-up, and invitations throughout Azendoo.


We've redesigned the sign-up to make it more pleasant to use.

Google sign-in

The Google sign-in is now much more permissive. It will work if:

  • you have enabled the Google integration with Google Drive
  • you have an @gmail email address or a Google Apps for a work email address used with your Azendoo account
  • you have signed-up with Google in the past


* An invitation can now be used with a different email address than the one it was originally sent to*. That means that you can invite someone to collaborate with you on one email address and they can accept it via a different email address that they have used to set up their Azendoo account.

Also, from now on, members will no longer be added automatically. They will have to accept the invitation in order to become members of a Workspace or Subject when invited as guests.

Notifications filter

You can now filter your notification in the Notification center! This will be very useful when looking for a previous notification or when focusing on what is most important.

Simply open your notification center and choose which type of notifications you want displayed.

Manage Organization members

Now you can manage the members of your Organization directly from the Users tab. Here you can:

  • nominate Organization managers;
  • remove members from throughout the Organization

Mobile app changes!


The @mentions are now live on mobile as well!

These work just as they do on the web: type "@" and suggestions will appear on your screen. Just tap on the person you wish to mention, write your message and hit send! The person you have mentioned will receive a notification right away. ;)

Sharing to Azendoo

You can now share anything you find on the web or on your other apps directly to Azendoo!

Subjects, documents and invitations

Subjects have been enhanced quite a lot too. You now have access to the Activity, Tasks and Documents for a given Subject. Additionally, you can also access the Subject's information and even star a Subject and invite members.

You can now search for specific keywords throughout your Workspace on mobile as well. The suggestions work in a similar way to as mentioned above, and the results are the same as those you would get on the web app.

And that's all folks! A lot of updates to make Azendoo even better: let us know what you think!

Mattias Le Cren
Content marketing & growth hacking advocate. I'm heavily into tech and football. Ping me on twitter: @lecrenm
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