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Stoneful is an international content agency based out of Tallinn, Estonia. The crew of six resembles a mini-UN General Assembly, or the Google Analytics geo-data of a global eCommerce site. The folks are from the UK, US, Switzerland, Brazil and Russia. They’re writers, designers, marketers and journalists, all (mostly) working from a single office. They’re a multidisciplinary content team with attitude. They also happen to love cat GIFs and Azendoo.

Stoneful's client roster includes onoff Telecom, a company founded by @taigkhris. They've worked with the award-winning CRM, @pipedrive. They are managing the community of @rabaconda, that includes many Global, AU and FR enduro champions. The brag list includes Matthew J. Phillips, Renet Pierre-Alex, Christophe Nambotin and Mathias Bellino. Heck, they’ve even helped launch @cofoundermag, a print magazine dedicated to startup journalism, with a list of contributors that includes @kaarmann, @cristobalalonso and @anttisten.

The full list of their clients would make for a colorful police lineup. Managing, creating and curating content for all of them can be a challenging task, or according to Stoneful's founder, @glebmaltsev:

"Managing content on that scale and of such variety can be a massive f*cking pain."

With their first major telecom project for TravelSim they've made do with email, Dropbox, Google Docs and Sheets. Before Azendoo, they had a project manager who had a workflow document for each client.That lasted them for six months or so, after which, in part due to an influx of clients, they started experiencing growing pains. The established project management platforms were either too expensive or they were too complicated. It was around a year ago that Rachel, their Editorial Director and Writer, discovered Azendoo and introduced it to the team. Oh happy day. It just made sense, they’ve even written an app review on the subject.

“We were looking for something simple without much of a learning curve. We also liked the layout and that it was possible to view tasks vertically (a to-do list) or horizontally (a timeline).”

According to Gleb, when out of the office, he can still interact and engage with his team as everything is in the system (project briefs, task related documents, previous conversations etc.). For him, this is one of the most direct ways to stay connected to his team, wherever he is.

“With the Azendoo app, I can see what everybody is working on, in real-time. It works like a dashboard where I can focus on the workflow, without having to ask anyone to brief me. Not disturbing my team with micro-requests had an overall positive effect on productivity, with a corresponding reduction in the amount of death stares.”

As of today, all Stoneful projects are managed through Azendoo, mostly using a single workspace, with clients listed under “subjects”. The created content is stored in Google Drive, which serves as the central hub or “brain” of the whole operation. The Editorial team (Rachel, Claire, Tati) schedules tasks in line with publishing and editorial calendars. The Creative team (Lewis and Gia Lam) uses the system to keep track of the constant stream of visual work. The tasks range from a basic "edit Emily Pross images" or "infographic #2", to "communication guide additions", which would often have a raging discussion in the feed. Upon opening the app, the first screen that shows is a list of completed tasks. That gives the team a warm, fuzzy feeling.

For special projects, like eBooks for instance, the team creates a separate workspace where they invite freelancers as guests to work on specific tasks.

The end of the month for Rachel and Tati is dedicated to performance metrics and reporting. She extracts the major tasks that have been done, and Tati creates a template in Google Sheets where she adds those tasks along with the main KPI reports (such as Google Analytics stats, WooCommerce sales numbers or Hootsuite data). They make extensive use of the task-assigning feature, in order to prioritize and delegate work. This basic, yet essential feature is what allows them to keep communication on track and content published on time.

Mattias Le Cren
Product Manager at Azendoo. I enjoy tech, building software, and football.
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