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Here is a small article about the latest improvements in Azendoo, including a new way to see your subtasks directly from your task lists, a new desktop application and a faster way to manage task subscribers.

A fresh perspective on subtasks

We are thrilled to announce that you can now view your subtasks directly from any task list. Every task containing subtasks will have a new toggle icon under their label. Clicking on this icon will display its subtasks below.

Subtasks displayed from the task list view

This enables you to quickly see which subtasks remain to be done without opening each task individually. Click again to hide the subtasks.

You can interact with your subtasks as you would with any other tasks and mark them as done, assign them, click to open them and start tracking time on each subtask. Note that only one level of subtasks is displayed at once.

Display and hide subtasks lists from your task lists

A new desktop app

We improved the desktop applications on Windows and MacOs, and released our first Linux version. There are some breaking changes which means that you need to update your apps manually. Download the latest versions here for an improved desktop experience.

Download the new desktop apps now

A new way to manage task subscribers

We redefined the way you add subscribers to your tasks, saving you tons of clicks. You can now add multiple collaborators much faster. Removing subscribers is also much faster thanks to the new icon appearing when you hover your cursor on an avatar.

Here is the new interaction in a quick GIF:

Faster selection of task subscribers

A glimpse at what's next

We are working on new exciting features for Azendoo web and mobile. Here is what we have in store for the coming months:

  • Start dates on tasks
  • Push notification redirections on mobile
  • Timeline (Gantt-like) view for your subjects
  • Time Tracking in subtasks
  • And much more to keep improving the Azendoo experience

Please reach out if you have any feedback and let us know how you feel about this update!

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