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Azendoo Subtasks are here! You can now create subtasks in Azendoo, from desktop and mobile.

You may have noticed that the task list layout has been through some small changes lately. The task label is now above other information such as the due date and its subjects.

These changes were necessary to prepare the subtasks. You can now create as many subtasks as you want for each one of your tasks.

If a task has subtasks, a progress bar will appear so you can then track the progress of the task from the task card and the task list. When you complete a task, the checkbox will be ticked off and the text striken through, and the progress bar will change accordingly.

How does it work?

To create subtasks, pick a task, and click to open the task card. Click on add a subtask and type the label of your subtask. Then hit enter to create you first subtask. You can then keep on typing to enter additional subtasks.

You can rename subtasks and reorder them with drag and drop, as well as delete them by simply clicking the cross on the far right as you hover.

Subtasks are compatible with other features such as copy task and task repeat.
When using the repeat feature, your subtasks will be replicated in your next task. And if you use the copy task feature, you can now chose to copy the subtasks as well.

You can easily find your subtasks using the search bar at the top right of the screen, just as you would to find any other information in Azendoo.

Use cases

Subtasks will make it easier to manage your tasks in Azendoo. Many Azendoo users would use the description checkboxes as subtasks. You can now use the native subtask for a much better experience.

The number of use cases is infinite, but one clear and very useful one is using subtasks to create checklist templates for your tasks.

Take one task that you do often and enter each step needed to complete it as a subtask. You can then use this task as a template.

When you have to do this task again, simply make a copy of the template. Add some information, such as a due date or followers, and you’re all set!

This way you won’t forget any steps, and your team members can see your progress at a glance.

Similarly when you have a repeat associated with a task, you can enter each step as a subtask. Only this time the copy will be created when you complete the task. The newly created tasks will have the same subtasks and will be snoozed until the repeat date arrives.

Login you Azendoo account no and start creating subtasks!

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