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Microsoft Office has been deployed globally by the Suez group’s IT department, as a platform for managing the communication and collaboration of and between its teams worldwide.

Frédéric Charles, the Head of Digital Strategy and Innovation at SUEZ Smart Solutions, and an expert in technological solutions in the domain of environmental policy, enjoys the full benefits of these tools, and is able to manage all his documents in the Office 365 suite. From making simple notes to creating more complex project-management excel charts, all information can be centralized.

Frédéric Charles has been an avid user of Azendoo for several years now and uses the tool to engage his teams in the projects he manages. In Azendoo, he is able to bring together and organize his innovation and digital strategy projects, and can synchronize the work of numerous and somewhat fragmented teams, which sometimes also include external stakeholders.

Azendoo Timeline

“This changed approach to management drives teams to be more agile, and that is where Azendoo comes in. Azendoo is a true collaboration tool, and the application facilitates communication between, and synchronization of, the project teams within Suez.”

The solution:

Azendoo's integration of Microsoft OneDrive and OneDrive for Business responds to a real need to be able to collaborate and coordinate teamwork around a set of documents, and to centralize all the information in one place.

An increasing number of tools that favour collaboration, such as OneDrive, are being used by teams for marketing purposes, development, human resources, and so on. Azendoo brings together all of this essentiel information and contextualizes it, by re-grouping employees and their tools under the one application.

Azendoo’s strength lies in its ability to bring together teams in a structured manner, by allowing users to simply add or remove members according to Subjects. Sharing documents is made easy, and ensures that everyone is working on the most recent version of a document, and in real time. As a team expands or opens up to external stakeholders, or if team members leave, Azendoo remains secure and updates document-sharing in real time.


When it comes to creating project-management charts, Frédéric Charles uses Excel workbooks in Microsoft OneDrive.

These project-tracking charts are essential for sharing the progress of projects. They can be easily found by all team members, because they are shared in context, and all updates are automatic.

Azendoo Tasks

For Suez, this integration has radically simplified the processes of sharing documents and discussing them in context. The preview pane for OneDrive documents shared in Azendoo is particularly useful, as it enables team members to identify at a glance the nature and subject of a given document. Frédéric Charles’ teams can thus take action more efficiently, and decision-making processes are streamlined and simplified.

Frederic Charles - Head of Digital Strategy and Innovation at SUEZ Smart Solutions


Over and above the ability to share information and to discuss documents in-team, Azendoo enables firms to organize and keep a reference of their resulting action plans.

Everyone manages their own To-Do list, and can share it in context with their team members, in order to formulate and develop their projects. Data which is created and stored in OneDrive offers a way of keeping a reference of each Task.

So there is no longer any need to work in email, which itself is poorly suited to tracking and following up on team activity.

Fred is Azendoo CMO. She focuses her work on Azendoo Users and on finding the best productivity hacks. Besides, she's all about snowboard, couture and books.
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