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Azendoo keeps increasing in relevance for today’s needs in team communication, organisation and productivity. And to keep improving our app, the Azendoo team keeps on expanding!

We are welcoming a few new faces to help us move forward and give the best experience to our clients:

  • Laurianne is our new front-end developer. She's going to be tweaking Azendoo's interface to make it more intuitive and easier to use.
  • Julie is our new marketing and sales intern. She will help us grow our client base because we are currently overwhelmed with product demos.
  • Pierre is our new mobile developer. He's constantly adding new features and fixing bugs on our mobile app.
  • Pauline is our administrative assistant. She's here to give a hand on the administrative side of things, because France.


Laurianne Gerin, 24 years old, French and American. I’ve had a nomadic lifestyle since I was a child, but I would say I’m from Strasbourg (my latest long-term city).

I am at Azendoo to polish and improve some features while learning front-end development with React. Details make an app more seductive ;)

Originally a scientist with a master’s degree in oceanography, having tested statistical codes and modelisation with R and Matlab, I decided to fulfill my cravings for coding by educating myself on web development and becoming a developer.

Passionate about the environment, I enjoy being outdoors and observing nature. I’m a swimmer; I enjoy TV series almost as much as I enjoy reading books. Queen is my favorite band, so go ahead and put on “Bohemian Rhapsody”. I’m ready for any challenge (except bungee jumping).


Hello ! My name is Julie, I’m 23 years old and I’m half French, half Dutch. I recently joined the Marketing & Sales department at Azendoo. My role consists in helping business development and community management.

I graduated with my business degree in 2013 and with a bachelor’s degree in foreign languages afterwards. I just started a master’s degree in the web marketing field. I also worked in Australia and in the Netherlands to gain professional experience.

I’m keen on cooking, travelling and swimming, and I never say no when asked to go for a drink downtown with friends. ;)


I’m Pierre, 20 years old, and currently studying web development. I work on the Azendoo mobile apps as a hybrid developer ( ❤ Native)

I love to travel, play sports (mostly skateboarding with friends) and when I’m home I watch TV series (big fan of GoT, Narcos, Sherlock Holmes, etc…). You can also find me hanging out with my friends at a café in Bordeaux or working on side projects!

Here is my linkedin, my twitter, and for those who code, here is my Github profile! (made with ❤)


Hi I’m Pauline, 28 years old from Bayonne, France.

I’ve been at Azendoo for about 8 months now and I work as an administrative assistant. My role is to support Ben (our president) on everything that revolves around administration on a daily basis. I’m also available to the team for HR questions and other type of queries.

During my spare time I enjoy going to festivals and concerts and I love sanda (the martial art).

Team Azendoo
Product Manager at Azendoo. I enjoy tech, building software, and football.
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