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Great notifications are an essential part of any application. That is especially true for applications such as Azendoo, which provide a central hub where your whole team can get in sync.

Yet striking the right balance between over-notification, and missing out on critical information, can be difficult. Some people want to be notified about everything, while others want to be notified only in specific cases.

After weeks of testing, we are now pushing a new web notification system that will reduce the amount of notifications you get, making them more actionable, and bringing them closer to the way in which you work.


We’ve redesigned the Notifications center, enabling us to show you more notifications than we could previously. The window is also larger and cleaner. You will notice that the avatars now only appear when there is a comment, rather than for every action that someone takes.

Also, notifications are now separated according to day, making it easier to find older notifications and to deal with your notifications if you’ve been away for a few days.

Notification center redesign

New notifications

We’ve also changed the whole notifications system in the web application. Now you’ll only be notified about items that directly concern you. That means that you’ll only receive notifications for the Tasks that you are subscribed to or which have been assigned to you, and for the conversations in which you have taken part (either by starting the conversation or by commenting on it).

The other conversation notifications will appear as a counter next to the Activity button on the left menu. As a result, you will receive fewer notifications that are not directly related to your work, helping you stay more focused on what matters.

New notifications on the side-menu

The Notification counter also works differently now. From now on, you’ll be able to use it to get reminders about a notification, instead of it simply being a marker that disappears once you click on it.

Each new notification will have a red circle next to it, which marks it as being unread. The counter will then correspond to the number of notifications you have marked as unread.

When you click on a notification to open the content, the notification will be marked as read. Alternatively, you can click on the small red circle to mark individual tasks as read, or hit the “Mark all as read” button to mark all notifications as read.

New read/unread status for notifications

However, if there is a notification that you don’t want to deal with right now, but of which you want to be kept aware, you can un-read each notification by clicking on the small circle. This affords you better control over your notifications, and means that you stay reminded about action still to be taken on a given matter.

New settings

Now there are two different notification settings tabs in your Personal Settings:

  • Email notifications
  • Web notifications

In the Notifications Settings page on the web app, you can choose to either activate or de-activate the new notification system.

Change your settings at any time

If you uncheck the setting, you will go back to the old notifications system, and will continue to be notified about all conversations. The notifications on the side menu will disappear, and the Notifications counter will revert to its simple marker function.

More coming

We think that this new notification system will work better because you will now only be notified about things that concern you directly. As a result, you can maintain the focus on your work, and on what truly matters when it comes to staying productive.

But we still have more up our sleeves. The next step for notifications is to create @mentions. We already mentioned this in our 2016 roadmap blog article, so you can check that out for more information.

Mattias Le Cren
Content marketing & growth hacking advocate. I'm heavily into tech and football. Ping me on twitter: @lecrenm
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