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A great communication strategy is not just about the tools in use or the team in place, it's a much more complex environnement with many layers. The players involved are often numerous, hence the importance of a custom strategy.

In this presentation, we will invoke everything from what a startup is to some ads and strategies to be applied in the startup world

A Startup is a "small business" that seeks a rapid and strong growth to validate its market fit. To achieve such goals, a startup needs to be heard and seen by a great number of people.

But traditional communication tools does not answer those needs anymore. We need to go further and to create a real link with the people we are talking to.

In other words, I need to transform my audience into a group of prescribers who will communicate themselves about my product.

Remember that their words are stronger than yours.

The purpose of this presentation is to introduce you to a part of Azendoo communication tools and methods that helped us move from a traditional marketing to a content marketing strategy.

Our goal was to talk to our potential users and create a long lasting relationship with them.

As Startups we often think that Press Relations are the starting point of any communication campaign. Mostly because it's the best way to be heard and seen. But it's not entirely true nor false.

Press Relations help us build a brand image and acquire visibility on a specific market (according to the targeted press). They are mostly useful for key accounts sales (as they confirm our notoriety), but they don't help us acquire a large number of users.

For example an article in Techcrunch generated 185 sign ups to Azendoo. I must admit that this is not insignificant, but it has not revolutionized our app (Azendoo has more than 260 000 users).

So we need to rethink our Press Relations and go further. That's why we tried the News Jacking strategy.

Do you know about this commercial?

Few months ago when Apple released the Iphone 6 they had a really bad buzz about the bended Iphone. That's why Heineken decided to play with this bad buzz and made this commercial for the social networks.

One part of the News Jacking is to "hijack" a recent news on a more or less humoristic tone, in order to create a buzz (so visibility) on our product.

Here is an example of Azendoo News jacking (about French politicians).

But News Jacking is also about rethinking its Press Relations and produce qualitative content that can be immediately re-used by the press.

If you have something big to announce, write a blogpost ready to be published and send it to the press. In other words you produce turnkey content.

One other communication tool we all use is a Blog. But it often can be very frustrating. In fact this is not because I launch a blog and I write blog posts that they are gonna be read by thousands of potential users (even more if it's a corporate blog...).

So I need to look for potential readers elsewhere. Here are two strategy examples to to do so: guest blogging (I write content on other blogs) and guest bloggers (I invite experts to write on my blog).

Events are another way to attract users.

But before organizing Meetups about your product you need to build a strong community, a "Family".

You should therefore invite all of your team members (dev, founders, marketing,...) to speak at conferences. This helps you humanize your product.

In fact people discover the ones that are building the product and it helps create a strong relationship with your audience.

For many startups partnerships are the best way to grow their user base and notoriety.

It has been one of Azendoo strong marketing strategy from the beginning.

But it is often not enough. You have to do more cross-communication with your partners (even if it takes some harassment ;-)).

Communication with a strong partner really helps your startup develop its added value.

And of course we have the traditional web marketing tools.

But those tools are often very expensive and their efficiency are quite questionable.

So you need to find other ways to be seen on the web.

For example at Azendoo we created targeted offers (Education, NPOs, etc.) to address specific audiences.

But once you acquired those users you shouldn't stop your efforts! You need to keep on creating an "enchanted" experience.

To recruit brand ambassadors for exemple.

Thank you!

If you have questions feel free to contact me by email or via twitter!

Here is the full presentation

Fred is Azendoo CMO. She focuses her work on Azendoo Users and on finding the best productivity hacks. Besides, she's all about snowboard, couture and books.
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