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The Director of the Bordeaux webmarketing agency Brumisphère shares his experience with Azendoo and explains how the software allows him to manage his projects on a daily basis.

Can you present your function and role within the agency?

Founder of the web agency Brumisphère in 2016, I coordinate within a small team, the management and development of web & print projects. As a result, I collaborate on a daily basis with various profiles such as graphic designers, illustrators, video artists, photographers, communicators?

These collaborators vary and can be internal or external depending on the project. During these 4 years, we have carried out multiple works; in the events sector with the coverage of international festivals, but also in the handicraft sector, local entrepreneurship, associations... We operate mainly in Bordeaux and on the Bassin d'Arcachon.

How did you hear about Azendoo ?

I'm used to keep a watchful eye on current events in French (and Bordeaux!) digital solutions.

Our policy within the agency is to privilege French digital players for the tools used on a daily basis (such as hosting, marketing tools...).

Of course, this is a preference that we apply in order to promote the local and national digital economy, but very often we are winners because the quality of the tool and the service are only better (the same goes for the prices!).

What were your reasons for using our product?

For the management of our tasks, we used to use Jira ; developed by Atlassian a Californian company. It is a very powerful tool, but we were suffering from a lack of adaptability to small structures like ours. It is an excellent tool for (very, too) large teams, the "basic" functionalities are drowned in an immensity of parameters that make it impossible to share access to a client or a collaborator who is not from a technical background.

Faced with these problems (and this waste of time), we were looking for a tool that was more adapted, more accessible, more flexible to make our work environment work.

How do you use Azendoo in your agency?

Each ongoing project has its own dedicated private subject, so the collaborators assigned to this project have their own work universe: workflow, tasks, calendar, documents.

The big plus is that they don't have knowledge of subjects they are not involved in. Hence the possibility to invite a customer to follow the progress of his project, or external teams.

On the previously mentioned tool, it was extremely complex to achieve this level of confidentiality between subjects. Indeed, a user group profile subject to special user rights had to be built... Very time-consuming.

Among the functionalities we use on Azendoo and which prove to be very practical for web agencies such as ours : the "time entry" feature in the first place. This makes it possible to measure the actual time spent on a task: thanks to it, we establish a climate of trust with our clients and avoid excessive time overruns on a project.

It is not uncommon during a technical monitoring service (or T.M.A "third party application maintenance") to obtain a development time very far from what was initially estimated (rarely benefiting the agency). With Azendoo, we are sure to stay in the nails!

What are the benefits of your agency's daily use of Azendoo?

In my opinion, Azendoo's great strength lies in its connectivity. There are a large number of integrations with everyday tools that allow us to centralize and segment work in the best way possible: Azendoo notifies us on Slack when a comment or status change occurs on a task; Azendoo launches a live meeting via Google Meet... Azendoo imports our files via Google Drive or Dropbox. Azendoo imports the task tables Trello.

Azendoo launches the beans directly into the coffee machine (not yet, but it won't be long now).

You too switch to agile mode and gain in efficiency

We would like to thank Vincent, Founder and Director of the webmarketing agency Brumisphère for agreeing to testify about his use of Azendoo and to share his experience with us.

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