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There is no better place to track your time than within Azendoo, the tool where you already organize and track your work, communicate with your team, and collaborate to accomplish more together.

Azendoo Time Tracking enables you to track your team's time in a collaborative manner and to analyze this data to gain valuable insights on your how your projects evolve to better anticipate and plan for the future.

Azendoo Time Tracking Concepts

Time planned vs time spent

Time is tracked in tasks. Each task has two Time Tracking fields: Time spent and Time planned.

The concept is that you can add the amount of time that you “planned” or estimated to spend on that particular task, and add time spent whenever you make progress. When you mark the task as done, you can compare the time spent vs the time planned on each task.

This method of tracking time enables you to set goals for each task in terms of amount of time spent.

Collaborative time tracking

Azendoo tasks are collaborative in their DNA. Even if there is only one assignee on a task, other team members can contribute through comments and documents, as well as by accomplishing subtasks.

They can now also add their own time spent on tasks, which will be added to the total time spent on the task. These contributions make the time tracking data more accurate and reflect what actually happened.

Track your time in Azendoo to save it

Tracking your time directly in Azendoo reduces the number of apps you use and also increases the accuracy of the available data. There is no need for you to duplicate your tasks in a separate app, to constantly switch apps, and to ask your team members what they have been working on.

Enter your time spent directly in Azendoo, right where you’re organizing and collaborating on your work, and take advantage of the advanced reports to identify what your team has been working on.

How it works

Track your time to the second

Tracking your time in tasks is not only intuitive, it is also very efficient. Select the task you want to work on and launch the timer. A banner will appear on the top of your screen with the timer count. Clicking on the stop icon will save the time you have spent on the task.

Enter time manually and modify entries

You can also add time spent on tasks manually. Simply click on time spent in the task card and add the time that you have spent on the task.

If you spent time on a task on a previous day but forgot to log it in, no problem! Create a new entry with the amount of time you spent on the previous day. Then go to the task Time Tracking history. From there you can edit the person who spent the time, the amount of time spent, as well as the date and time of the entry.

Changing the date and time of the entry will make the data show up for the selected date in the analytics dashboards.

Insightful Analytics

Time tracking analytics are available for every member, subject and workspace. Having three types of dashboards allows you to analyze how your team spent their time with accuracy.

Member dashboard

Every member has their own analytics tab with their Time Tracking data. This enables you to see how your teammates spent their time, and is also the best way to track your own efforts.

The dashboard displays the time spent by the member on the previous days, and a breakdown by subjects. A table with all the Time Tracking entries assigned to that member is also available, where you can directly edit the time spent and the date of each entry.

Subject Dashboard

The subject time tracking analytics panel allows you to get insights on your subject status. You can see at a glance how much time is remaining, who contributed to the subject, how the subject evolved, and have access to detailed data analysis.

The detailed data analysis is there to give you all the data available on your subject time tracking, so you can dive in and identify where your team is performing well, and where it lacks the time or resources to have things runing smoothly. It is then up to you to take action to adjust and become more efficient as a team.

Workspace Dashboards

The workspace level analytics makes tracking how your team spends their time easier, but also makes analyzing multiple subjects possible. With the subject filter, select the subjects you want to analyze.

The graph on this view depicts how much time was spent per day by your team, highlighting the most productive days. The total time spent by subject and by team member, in the form of donut charts, make it easy to evaluate where your team’s time was spent.

Period analytics

Select a period for all your analytics views to analyze how your team spent their time during a specific timeframe. This means making timesheets will be ten times easier than before.

Track your time everywhere

Since Azendoo is available as a web application as well as on mobile and desktop, you can now track your time anywhere. Get our mobile apps so your team members can easily add their time from their mobile devices.

Pricing and activation

Time Tracking is an Azendoo addon, take a look at our pricing page for more info. If you want to try Time Tracking, fill out this form and we’ll activate a trial for you.

If you want to learn more about how exactly time tracking works in Azendoo, take a look at our dedicated help center section.

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