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Being able to easily divide and track work into smaller chunks is extremely valuable in your daily work and to bring focus. While being able to track how much time we spend on our work is as much, if not even more, valuable, because it helps us better allocate resources and track progress.

Now being able to accomplish these two goals at the same time can give you and edge towards your goals accomplishment, and it's precisely what you will be able to achieve thanks to our latest release.

This new release offers the possibility to track your time in subtasks seamlessly. Time tracking in subtasks is now available for all users on Business and Enterprise plans.

Time spent in subtasks is added to all upper levels

The time you spend in subtasks will now be added to the parent task as well. As an example, if you have a task with 3 hours of time spent and a subtask with 2 hours of time spent, then your parent task will display 5 hours of time spent.

Easily identify where the time is coming from

When you hover your cursor on the time spent value on the parent task-card you'll have the breakdown of the time spent directly on this task versus the time spent in subtasks.

An important thing to know is that time spent in subtasks is now added to all upper levels of parent tasks.

You can also open the new time tracking history view for a summary of all the time spent entries on all subtasks (at multiple levels!) so that you know exactly where the time is coming from. You can also edit or remove entries directly to adjust if necessary.

History now includes entries from all subtasks at lower levels

Time tracking data is now also displayed in the subtask list in the task-card and when toggling subtasks in the task lists views. This allows you to easily identify on which subtasks the most time has been spent.

Impact on Analytics

These changes may impact your current time tracking analytics depending on whether or not you did add spent time to subtasks prior to this update.

Please refer to this article for more information about impacts on your existing Time Tracking data and reach out directly if you have any questions.

Take advantage of Time Tracking in Subtasks

If you did not use Time tracking before this update we encourage you to consider using time tracking to better track your work so that you don't miss out on these new possibilities. Contact us to start a trial of our Business or Enterprise plans and try Time Tracking with your team.

Please reach out if you have any feedback and let us know how you feel about this update!

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