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Here’s how took off thanks to effective communication!



Hey Bruno!

So what exactly you do?

I am the Co-Founder of! We create designer shoes and accessories for our e-boutique. Plus, we’re nesting at ESSEC Ventures, one of the top Parisian incubators.

Both of us had the idea at the same time, and since then, it’s matured a lot. Before, we were experts in supply chain optimization and delayed differentiation (produce and personalize at the last moment to avoid unnecessary stock).

The principle is simple: a unique product distributed by sales made in meetings, that promotes a strong implication, and especially time to try the products.

It’s been a year since we’ve started working on the project, seven months since the we launched the first collection, and not very long since we began preparing our the next line.

How did you hear about Azendoo, and why you decided to try it out?

Somewhat by chance actually, via another startup that uses Azendoo:**

Article: My Little Panties are using Azendoo !?!? 

We wanted to use an information-structuring tool from the beginning, but we couldn’t find a solution that was both easy and inexpensive… It was fine when there was just the two of us, but then we welcomed a fashion designer to the team and things became more complicated.

In the beginning, collaborating between the three of us wasn’t a huge problem because our tasks were well established, and we were working in the same office. But we recently hired an artistic director who organizes photo shoot, and a marketing intern with 50 priorities that are more or less time-consuming and repetitive.

That’s when communication got complicated. We needed to keep track of what everyone was doing, help each other with difficulties and align our objectives. That’s where Azendoo picked up the slack.

Personally, I also use Azendoo for all my brainstorming. Then, I’ll finalize my ideas with the team, using “Take a Vote” function in the app. Plus, I linked my Box, Dropbox and Evernote accounts for the business plan.

How do you organize your Azendoo Workspaces?

Well, I’ll give you an example! Ten days ago, we participated in the “Le Cuir” event in Paris, during which we met 30 or 40 leather tanners and got a bunch of samples.

After the meet-and-greets, it was time for the follow-up brainstorming exchange with our designer about the samples and which leather would be best for our products. As you can imagine, this task is practically impossible to do with email.

So, we created a “Cuir à Paris” Azendoo Subject, in the application, where we can list everything that’s going on and exchange ideas, so that everyone is in sync and up to speed.

Has Azendoo changed the way you work?

Yes! One of the major ways is exchanging important info with my partner who’s taking care of the financial stuff. We had so much trouble getting things in order. I received vendor invoices by email and my partner would be cc’ed, forwarded, replied, etc… It was so hit or miss that things slipped through the cracks.

However, with Azendoo, he has its list of all the invoices that need to be processed and I can follow his progress without asking for updates!

Another example; Our stylist needs to have a global vision of what’s happening in the company so that he can participate in anything and everything from style to sourcing. Only Azendoo gives us this kind of informational transparency.

What’s your favorite feature?

Subjects!! I work a lot directly from out Subject pages.

Who you would recommend use Azendoo?

Well, I’ve experienced the problems that go along with consulting; people who are there one day a week, consultants who are scattered in separate departments, etc.

So I’d recommend Azendoo to consulting firms, business freelancers and any startup that needs to be agile and undivided.

In fact, other than Banks or other “old” style companies, any team based business that regularly exchange information should think about looking into using Azendoo.

Thanks a million Bruno! We’re excited to see what happens with PopYourShoes!

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