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Yvonne Rummrich is one of our very powerful users. A few days ago she published an eBook in german called "Perfectly organized with Azendoo & Evernote". About a year ago, she also helped us translate Azendoo in to German. So today we are very pleased to welcome Yvonne as an Azendoo Rockstar !


Hi Yvonne, Could you tell us about your company, its products or services and customers? Could you tell us about yourself and your role?

Hi, my name is Yvonne Rummrich and I am from Germany but have been living in Majorica for more than 8 years. I have several jobs and hobbies. First of all, I have a company that lets holiday homes in Majorca. Most customers are from Germany and I also work together with other holiday-home companies, some of which are not based in Majorca. Secondly, my blog “Die Familienmanagerin" is something that comes directly from my heart. It is a blog I started in 2013, where I tell my followers how to organize family life and household tasks without going crazy. The third thing is my work as an Internet marketer. I am learning a lot about affiliate marketing, and nearly every week I attend some webinars to get all the latest information on the topic and to learn the tricks of earning money with affiliate marketing. Lastly, I am a half-day secretary for a heating engineer, and I’m also a mother and a wife with a big house to take care of. So there are a lot of tasks to tackle every day.

What issues did you encounter before using Azendoo? How did you manage your workflow before using Azendoo?

I have been looking for a good solution for many years. I was looking at online and offline solutions – trying, testing and searching again. More than one year ago I found Azendoo, and this is the first time I have stayed with a program for so long, because it fits my needs perfectly. Before, I would keep several lists because I am a big fan of getting things done. So I used a lot of different lists for different situations. But this was not very practical, because each time I went to the city and found a shop for something special or surprising, sure enough I would realize that the particular list I needed was lying at home on my desk! Carrying all those lists with me everywhere, it was too much.

How did you find Azendoo? Why did you choose Azendoo?

It was one of those days where I was looking for a new solution, because the last one had some disadvantages, or something important was missing from it. At that time I was already using Evernote for my tasks, but it didn’t have a reminder function. So I was back to searching the web for something new.

How did Azendoo meet your expectations? Why did you feel Azendoo was right for you?

When I first gave it a try, I was blown away by how simple it was to create a task with a reminder and all the required information. I have several different types of tasks, and I quickly saw that with Azendoo I could handle all of them.

How did you implement Azendoo in your company? What challenges did you meet and how did you overcome them?

I don’t have a lot of people working for me, but I am a one-woman-show with a lot of tasks for a lot of different things. So I started off my Azendoo account with different workspaces for the different jobs. Soon, I saw that the program was perfect for sharing tasks within my family too. So I invited my family to join Azendoo. We share tasks and information on the family workspace, and my son finds it funny to complete his tasks and then to mark the task as done – and I equally enjoy seeing that he has done his tasks!

Can you give me a concrete example of how you used Azendoo for a particular project, and what part Azendoo played in this project?

Yes, sure. When I was writing my eBook about organisation with Azendoo and Evernote, I planned the project in Evernote, as I do with all of the larger projects that have several tasks. I do this because I love the connection between Evernote and Azendoo. I plan my project, writing down all the different tasks to be completed, and then lastly I put the Azendoo tag on the project.


Within seconds, all the tasks that are waiting to be done appear on my dashboard in Azendoo. The next step is to set tags to my context listings. For example if the task is something I have to search for on the Internet, the task gets the tag @Internet. If the task is something I need to buy, it gets the tag @Supermarket or @City. Once I’ve done that, I just open the different tasks lists and do what needs to be done.

What have been the results of implementing Azendoo in your company, both anecdotally and measurably? How has Azendoo helped you reach your goals?

The biggest result is that I now never forget anything important, and all my different projects are underway, without leaving me with a headache by thinking about them all the time! I know Azendoo will remind me of what needs to be done, and when it needs to be done. This is perfect for any task with a deadline, but also for all my tasks that need to be done in a specific place. Now if I enter a hardware store for example, I take out my cell phone, open the task list with all things to be done or bought with the tag @Hardwareshop, and it’s impossible to forget anything! No more searching for lists, no more thinking, "oh no, that list is lying at home on my desk”. For me the best result is that I can be spontaneous; my mind is free and I rest assured that I am getting all my stuff done!

Fred is Azendoo CMO. She focuses her work on Azendoo Users and on finding the best productivity hacks. Besides, she's all about snowboard, couture and books.
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