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This is an interview of Vasi Vallis, who works with music labels and artists. He uses Azendoo to manage his work and wanted to share his experience with us. Here is his interview with us:

Hey Vasi! What are you working on?

At the moment I’m working on two releases: NamNamBulu, a synthpop band, and REAPER, a more techno-industrial oriented music project. Other than that, I have already started to organize gigs and short tours for 2016.

So, how do you get organized?

I was always unhappy with the organization of several bands’ band-related events, their marketing campaigns, and so on. Some artists prefer mails where they cc in 1 million people; some upload everything, even a small txt file, to OneDrive or Dropbox, and send links around the world. I organize my work in a project-driven hierarchy: Band, Album, Cover Art, Songs, Marketing, Live Gigs, Licenses and so on....

As organizer of nearly every task, I was the “controller” of the data. There were days where I was getting 30 or 40 mails from people, all asking me questions like, “Can you please send me such-and-such a lyric sheet again?” Horrible...

How has Azendoo changed the way you work?

With Azendoo, I started to prepare each project carefully, so that I could send out invitations to the people involved, without confusing them. Everyone I invited was able to work with the tool immediately and in a productive way, without having to ask any questions. Azendoo is so easy to use, yet very resilient when it comes to its functionalities and processes.

Now everything is visible for each person involved, at any time, and no matter whether that person is DJing in New York, whilst the label boss is working in Frankfurt. No more of those “100 new mails in the morning” experiences, with the nightmare of trying to work out what the latest information is, or locating the most recent, up-to-date attachment. It’s so smooth, and I have tested a lot of other tools.

People were starting to get sick of me because of all the tools I was testing! To be honest, Azendoo is the first tool that has been accepted by everybody I have invited to it. So I’m definitely going to stick with this tool for all my future activities, and try to get labels, promoters, and other companies involved.

How is Azendoo different?

I would say its focus on the functions that are important makes Azendoo stand out. You can add 1 billion functions, while only 100 of them are going to be really key. That can be confusing.

Azendoo has everything needed to create a project very quickly, and then to get an overview of that project even more quickly, without you needing a degree from an online university to understand its different functionalities!

For anyone who is used to using Facebook, Azendoo is self-explanatory. The look and feel is great, the performance is fast and, as far as I can see, more functions are going to be implemented, so it will always up-to-date. 

What’s your favorite feature?

You might have been expecting a more original answer, but the Activity wall is genius as, even if you invite someone on to Azendoo some days after a project has already begun, it’s still very easy for that person to quickly get an overview about what has been happening so far. It’s a fantastic idea.

Who you would recommend Azendoo to?

I’d recommend it to marketing agencies or marketing departments. I’d recommend it to booking agencies – my booking agency used to upload all its documents, including e-tickets, timetables and more, to a Dropbox drive, which was OK, but not at all interactive.

It meant that we had to switch back to using email if there were any questions to be answered. I’d also recommend it to all individuals who are collaborating with many other different people on a project, product, or design.

Team Azendoo
Product Manager at Azendoo. I enjoy tech, building software, and football.
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