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This blog post was written by Mahantesh, Graduate PhD student in Biomedical data mining. He is now an Azendoo ambassador and we are happy to welcome him to the Rockstar family!

Azendoo for managing workflow productivity

“Life will be pleasant if you are satisfied with what you have and it will be more thrilling when you try to achieve what you desire”. The life of human beings is continuously evolving; in the way we live and the way we do things. In the last few decades the world has grown tremendously thanks to the digital era; every day there is something new on the Internet and also in the lives of human beings.

In this fast-changing world, keeping track of what we have done, what we are doing and what we want to do is very important – either as an individual or as a team. Task managers and team managers are some of the indispensable tools of life today, and they help us to maintain good results in terms of productivity. We have seen tons of applications across various platforms for the management of our day-to-day tasks as well as of our long-term professional goals.

Obviously, it’s going to be difficult to find a perfect task manager for all, I think there is a need to use and to be familiar with many tools at once as per our needs, and find the best possible work flow by using a combination of tools.

Azendoo is one of the most promising tools for planning, managing and executing tasks on an individual and also on a teamwork basis. Although it's a fresh new tool, I see potential for it to be an awesome task manager because Azendoo is learning from its competitors and engaging with people from different professions to get their feedback, so that they can make this tool a really perfect one.

I'm a graduate PhD student in the area of Biomedical Data Mining and by virtue of this, I deal with multiple projects academically, professionally and also for campus activities. I started using Azendoo to plan my next analyses in my projects, to plan the activities for student clubs and campus activities and also to prepare for weekly meetings and note down the action plans.

It's a promising tool because I can have various workspaces based on the projects I'm doing, and then create a bunch of subjects on a particular workspace or project. There are a couple of other great features such as creating tasks from email, creating a poll to get the opinion of your team, adding attachments, calendar synching and, last but not the least, the integration with other tools (like Evernote) and personalized backgrounds for inspiration.

I'm happy to be an Azendoo user and to be a part of this tool, to explore its potential and to educate people about and via my experience with Azendoo.

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