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Choosing the right tools to manage your work and your team is not an easy task. There are hundreds of applications that claim to be able to increase your productivity, and yet they are not all tailored to your specific needs.

Most applications only address one part of work-management issues. Some apps solve the problem of file sharing, like Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box, and they do it brilliantly. Some apps help your team communicate, via group chat with Slack, or video calls with Skype, and they are truly experts at what they do. Other applications focus on task management, like Wunderlist which does quite well.

However, managing a team’s work requires a combination of these tools and choosing the right combination can become overwhelming and frustrating. Simply utilizing more tools is not the solution for better work management. In this post we will explain why Azendoo will make your teamwork smarter without having to add another five apps to your toolbox.

Because Azendoo does it all

Azendoo is a work management application, which essentially means that it is designed to help teams manage their daily activities. That entails solving all major work-related issues. In today’s work world, those are file sharing, team communication, organizing workload and priorities, and finding information.

File sharing

Azendoo is integrated with the major players in the world of file sharing: Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive and even Evernote to share notes. In addition, we are working on integrating other popular cloud services. Azendoo also enables you to upload files from your computer or mobile phone directly.

Team communication

Azendoo also acts as a tool for team communication. Thanks to its activity feed à la Facebook, team members can share Messages with the team along with links and attachments. This solves what emails are not able to: team-wide discussions, and offers what chat apps cannot provide: elaborate and constructive discussions. For more personal communications, Azendoo’s Direct Messages enables one-on-one messaging.

Task management

Managing work with Task lists is, by far, the most efficient way to enable collaboration with the entire team. Since Task lists are accessible to other team members, they can drop in to in your Tasks and help you when you need it. Plus, you can delegate the Tasks you may not have time to deal with, and get notified of all the important updates on them.

Take a look at all of Azendoo features

Because Azendoo is flexible

Not all tools can adapt to the way your team is organized. Azendoo not only adapts to how your team gets work done, but it also adapts to the whole environment surrounding your team and team organization. This is all made possible thanks to the unique Organization/Workspaces/Subjects structure.

Inviting guests into Azendoo broadens the scope of possibilities. You can collaborate with your clients, partners, contractors, and other freelancers directly in Azendoo. Also, you can stop using emails to send files, and can begin communicating with your interlocutors to get more work done with them too.

Since all team members can securely store all their work-related information in the centralized hub that is Azendoo, finding any piece of information is now easier than ever. A simple search query via the powerful internal search engine makes retrieving Tasks, documents, and discussions quick and easy.

Flexibility of structure is crucial, and flexibility in terms of usage is equally important. Azendoo masters this by increasing your team’s reactivity as a whole, making it possible to deal with urgent matters in-sync. Azendoo also provides users with the ability to fit the tool into their own workflows and work rhythms.

All your team members will quickly come to appreciate having a central tool that proves highly valuable, whether they are a project manager needing to constantly update statuses and follow up on progress, or are in more production-related roles. This latter group is most productive when working for long periods of uninterrupted, high-concentration time.

Because context is king

Azendoo makes work collaboration more direct because it continuously gives context to each piece of information. This is possible thanks to its unique structure and, more specifically, to the Subjects. While most other work-management applications revolve around projects, Azendoo revolves around Subjects.

Subjects can be anything: departments, sub-teams, topics, events, projects, campaigns, clients, groups, contractors, partners: you name it. Subjects are different to projects in that they behave like tags that you can combine to provide more context, saving tons of time for everyone.

For example, a Task titled “Create Twitter image” does not make sense on its own. But when shared on a Subject such as “Ebook promotion”, context is given to the Task so anyone who views it knows what the task is about, without having to open it to view its details.

So far, we have discussed how Azendoo centralizes all your data, provides context, and adapts to your environment and working habits. However there is much more that Azendoo can bring to your team: collaboration on different levels, broad visibility on your team’s work and progress, and a better way to prioritize and stay focused on what matters.

Because Azendoo enables collaboration

Collaboration is the ​situation of two or more ​people ​working together to ​create or ​achieve the same goal.

Because collaboration is such a broad term, and since people working within the same organization share several common goals and objectives, collaboration can happen at different levels.

We've identified 3 different levels where collaboration can take place in Azendoo:

  • Knowledge/information sharing
  • Actionable collaboration
  • Urgent/private collaboration

To transfer knowledge and information, Azendoo’s messaging system is perfect. As mentioned above, team members can select which Subjects a topic is related to, giving it instant context, while attaching files and links also enables the sharing of important information that cannot be summarized in only a few lines.

Azendoo Activity timeline

Collaborating within Tasks is the best way to enable synergy. Since Azendoo works as a horizontal management system, anyone who has access to a Task can drop in and add their contribution for better results. This can be done through adding information to the description, attaching files, and commenting on Tasks to help you complete them.

Task card in full screen

The last level of collaboration that can happen in Azendoo takes place in the Direct Messages. This feature is best used when the issue requires no more than two people, and when quick back-and-forth is necessary. It is also a great channel for private conversations, whether these are work-related or not.

Have private conversation in Direct Messages

Because Azendoo gives you visibility over your work

Having visibility over your team’s progress is essential to helping manage workload and priorities and ultimately it makes everyone focused on achieving a common goal. Azendoo gives you several ways to gain more visibility over your work.

Calendar Views make tracking due dates and deadlines extremely simple. You can track deadlines by team member or by Subject, making it virtually impossible to miss a deadline!

You can view personal, team and Subject calendars

The Subject Analytics feature provides critical information over specific projects, allowing you to track the progress of a project as a whole, in addition to the individual performances within it.

Tracking progress per Subject is easier than ever

Shared Task lists allow team members to see what everyone is working on and in which context, making collaboration more relevant and efficient. At the same time, it reinforces the personal accountability of team members.

View all your team's tasks per member in your shared To-Dos

Finally, Azendoo's Organizations overview gives you all your Tasks lists across multiples Workspaces, making sure you stay on track with your priorities, especially when working across multiple teams.

Don't miss tasks spread out in different Workspaces with the Organizational overview

Because it helps you prioritize and focus

Productivity is based on focus and attention. You get as much done as your attention allows you to. Azendoo helps you focus your attention on what matters most for you and your team and ultimately, your business.

Putting all your Tasks down in Azendoo allows you to reduce your cognitive load, meaning you clear your head for what matters. Prioritizing your tasks is thus a major component of your personal productivity. Visualizing all your Tasks, as well as your team’s Tasks allows you better appreciation of who is working on what and what the vital priorities are.

Our task management system allows you to essentially “snooze” a Task. Postponing to a later date those Tasks that are low on the priority list allows you to focus your attention on the ones that currently matter most, helping you achieve your goals.

Snooze the task you are not working on today


Thousands of teams already use and trust Azendoo with their productivity and with fostering collaboration at the workplace. Because Azendoo brings such a unique aspect for your team and allows the team to efficiently work together, moving from an email inbox to Azendoo will provide more benefits to your entire organization than you might suspect.

Here is what you and your team will gain by choosing Azendoo:

  • a space to freely share information and knowledge;
  • context to every piece of communication, saving everyone tons of time;
  • deeper collaboration on multiple levels;
  • an overview of what other are accomplishing;
  • better tracking of progress and results;
  • more availability for others;
  • better prioritization of personal work;
  • a way to stay connected with your team, wherever you are.

Give it a try

The best way to make up your mind is to give Azendoo a try. Schedule a demo with our support team today and get started on making your team more efficient!

Here is a short video that introduces Azendoo to give you a quick overview:

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