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After using Azendoo for a few months, Jean-François Gruet from Apsynth explains to us why Azendoo has been the greatest help in improving collaboration with his team and clients.

Hi Jean-François, could you tell us a bit about you and your company?

Apsynth Publishing is a web agency based in Paris. We mainly work on creating and developing web and mobile apps. As the CTO, I set up several tools to organize work inside our production team, and Azendoo is one of those tools.

How were you organizing your team work before Azendoo?

We had tried several platforms and methodologies for project management (Redmine, Wrike, Google Chat, etc.), most of them were too hard to use or restrictive when our work needed flexibility and reactivity. We also used emails of course, turning out to be one of the most counterproductive tools of all. Unfortunately our clients prefer using emails for communication, mostly because they don’t know any other alternative.

Why did you choose Azendoo ?

We heard about the Kanban method, it seemed simple and intuitive to set up. Then this method continued to gain in popularity so we naturally tested Trello. And, of course, we’ve tested Slack that is very trendy. But the user experience was not much convincing and none of these tools were satisfying over time.

We found out about the French start-up Azendoo while reading an article online. We were looking for a real team collaboration tool and fell upon them. We gave it a shot, and knew within 5 mins that it was perfect for us - no messing about the platform is simple and straight forward!

Could you tell us a bit more about how you use Azendoo and the benefits you get from it?

We use Azendoo inside the Production Team and we’ve also onboarded our clients onto the platform. It has become our information hub for all exchanges about ongoing projects. Our clients now prefer this method of communication above all others.

Azendoo has greatly improved communication in our team, and facilitates easy follow-ups with clients and suppliers.

Other advantages I can immediately think of are: saved time, clarity and traceability of all the exchanges with our clients. What I really love is that, each project, or sub-project, has its own activity flow.

What is your favorite feature on Azendoo?

The feature I love the most is the copy/paste of an image inside a message. When you want to have a discussion about a screenshot with a team working remotely, you don’t need to take the screenshot, save it, select the file, send it, etc. You just need to take your screenshot with Capture and drag and drop it inside your discussion on Azendoo - job done, easy.

Who would you recommend Azendoo to?

Anyone using emails to collaborate can move to Azendoo.

Thanks to Jean-François Gruet for taking the time to answer our questions.

Audrey Labuxiere
Customer Success Manager @Azendoo. You can follow me on Twitter: @AudreyLabuxiere
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