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We are happy to announce Azendoo’s integration with Zapier! This integration will allow you to connect Azendoo with lots of other apps such as Twitter, MailChimp, Salesforce, Google Apps, and much more, really making Azendoo the centralized hub where all your work happens.

For those who do not know what Zapier is, it is a tool to connect web apps together. An integration between two apps is called a zap. A zap is made up of a Trigger and an Action.
Whenever a Trigger happens in one app, Zapier will automatically perform the Action in another app.

We have made three triggers (that initiates a zap) and three actions (that complete the zap). The triggers are “New task assigned to me”, “New task” and “New completed task”. The three actions are “Create task”, “Send new message” and “Create new activity". This allows you to connect Azendoo with all other Zapier-integrated apps.

Here at Azendoo, we’ve been playing with the integration for a little while now for beta testing, and we’ve created a few zaps that we wanted to share with you!

Zaps for marketing teams

There are many applications on Zapier that you can connect with Azendoo, such as MailChimp, Mention, Twitter, Facebook Pages, Disqus, RSS feeds, Marketo, Mandrill, Intercom, Hubspot, Salesforce, Buffer, Wordpress, and countless others.

Here are a few zaps that I have made for our marketing intel:

First I set up a Zapier account and connected it with my Azendoo, then I set up a few zaps. For example, I set up a zap for Mention to push new online mentions to my zaps subject, with all the information that I considered essential, such as the title of the web page, the website, and the link. So now I don't have to go check Mention every day, I just stay in my Azendoo and open the websites directly from the incoming messages.

Time saved: 5 minutes / day

I have created two very similar zaps with Twitter; one that searches for Azendoo in Tweets, and another for every @azendoo mention. I then receive an activity message with the Twitter handle author of the Tweet and the content of the Tweet, followed by a link to open the Tweet in a web browser. And with our new Twitter embedding feature I can take imediate action on all incoming tweets, without leaving Azendoo.

Time saved: 5 minutes / day

Another useful zap is RSS to Azendoo activity message. As with Mentions or Tweets, I can receive messages in my Azendoo when a new article is posted on a blog that I am following. It might be a competitor’s blog that I want to observe, or a marketing blog that I read to stay up-to-date with the latest trends.

This zap makes gathering my marketing intel easier, even though it cannot replace tools such as Feedly or other RSS feed apps.

Time saved: 5 minutes / day

Our development team also uses Zapier to connect with their tools. For example, one of the team uses a zap to push Github Mentions to an Azendoo task. So, every time someone from the team needs him, he can see it directly from his Tasks view.

We also use the “Schedule by Zapier” to post a message for our daily iDoneThis activity report, which I mentioned in my previous article about How Azendoo uses Azendoo.

I’ve tried other zaps for my own personal use, for example, one that connects with Pocket. When I add an article or web page to my Pocket with a specific tag, for example “work-related”, it pushes a task to my Azendoo to read the article, so that I remember reading this article that I had found interesting.

Setting up Azendoo & Zapier

To get started using the Zapier integration, just head on to your Azendoo account, go to your Account Settings and then to Applications (or click here). From there, you can create an API key with the dedicated button, then select the key and copy it.

Head on to Zapier and create an account or sign in. You can use pre-made zaps, or create your own. When it’s time to link your Azendoo account, simply copy the key into the dedicated field.

Use the power of Zapier to integrate Azendoo with countless other apps and automate your workflow. Here is a selection of popular zaps with Azendoo:

You can find even more Azendoo zaps on the dedicated Zapbook.

Zapier integrates with hundreds of apps, so just head to their website and check if they have the apps you use, and see what possibilities that can offer you.

Let us know which zaps you find most useful or which ones you have created!

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